Sunday, December 5, 2010

A paper hearts garland

This morning, we unwrapped our Sinterklaas presents. I really liked some of the wrapping paper: a classic brown envelop and gold paper used to wrap up rose scented bath oil (one of the gifts I received :-). That's why I decided to use it to make this paper hearts garland.

Ps: one of my New Year's resolutions will be to re-use pretty wrapping paper :-)


Iris said...

How many of those adorable candle-holders do you own?! Haha, I always love old-fashioned candle holders like that one; they've got so much character and are not used in the same way any more.. And I'm quite certain the one in this picture differs from the one you've showed previously :)

The garland is lovely :D It would have been a shame to throw away such nice wrapping paper!

Machteld said...

Actually, I've got two different ones, and four of those enamelware bowls, in different sizes :-)

Now that people start to notice I use the same things over and over again, I have a great excuse to buy something new :-) I'm really addicted to brocante/ thriftstores/ fleamarkets, so that shouldn't be a problem :-)

Iris said...

I love them both! (I'm only noticing because I've been marvelling over your other lovely candle holder before.) But I'm sure any new ones will be beautiful as well!