Friday, November 26, 2010

A snowflake garland

There are lots of examples of crocheted garlands in the blogosphere, and I wanted to make one for my own home too :-) This garland is for my Christmas tree, but as a Dutch girl, I will wait till after Sinterklaas to buy one .

I was inspired by Emma Lamb's beautiful garlands, such as this one. I also liked the examples of paper snowflakes in Gifted Magazine, an e-craftmagazine which you will really enjoy! (I would love to contribute to such a magazine, or write one myself :-)

I took the patterns from my collection of seventies craftbooks. You can find similar patterns here. This book is in Japanese (?), but the crochet templates are universal. And, each pattern is crocheted in beautiful winter white yarn!


Iris said...

Aww, they're super cute. Love the empty frame, too. Your Christmas tree is going to look marvellous :)

Machteld said...

Thanks :-) I found the frame this week in my local thrift store :-)

Elaine said...

They are lovely! They'd also look good strung across your windows.

Yet another thing to add to my list of things to try for this Christmas :)