Thursday, November 11, 2010

Felt hearts

I'm making "toddler friendly" Christmas decorations this year. My 1,5 year old daughter is very curious and playful, so glass bulbs are not a good choice right now... :-) I'm having a lot of fun making these. Usually, when I start a new craft project, I want to learn something new/complicated or make something "big". I forgot how much fun it is to make something that is ready in one hour!

ps: If you want more inspiration for homemade "toddler friendly" Christmas decorations, take a look at my pinterest board here.


Elaine said...

They look so lovely!

They are also a good idea if you have two inquisitive young cats like I do!

No glass baubles now! Just ones made of plastic canvas although over night Flossie, my tortie, manages to 'hook' a fair number off the tree! Does it without knocking the tree over as well!

Clever girl :)

Maaike said...

Hey Machteld, je hebt een prachtige blog en maakt echt mooie dingen! Wauw, die hartjes zo verfijnd. Prachtig. En je grannys met roze zijn ook erg goed gelukt. Liefs van Maaike

Machteld said...

Dank je Maaike :-)