Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two aran knit balls

It's cold, it's dark and I'm photo-shopping like crazy to make my pictures look winter white, instead of swampy gray :-). I've put a jug of magnolia branches on our mantle piece and added some of my aran knitted Christmas balls. Next week, we'll buy a tree!

ps: the pattern is from Knitting Daily, you can download it here

Het is koud en donker en ik moet behoorlijk wat fotoshoppen om een lichte foto te krijgen :-). Hier heb ik twee gebreide kerstballen met kabelpatroon in magnoliatakken gehangen. Je kunt het patroon hier downloaden.


Iris said...

Oh gosh, it looks absolutely lovely... The photoshopping is working ;)
I adore the cosiness that the woollen knitted balls give. You are making me want to learn how to knit with all your wonderful posts about those!
The symbolism of the buds on the branches, through winter holding the seeds of new life, really appeals to me as well.
Thank you for always inspiring. :)

Machteld said...

thanks *blush* I'm always surprised that magnolias have buds in November that will only start to blossom by the end of March ...

Sue said...

That's a glorious photo, so beautiful and full of winter white!

Anonymous said...

Wat een prachtige foto, de sfeer, heel warm! Maar de echte blikvangers zijn de gebreide kerstballen met kabelmotief, wouw, wat mooi! Complimenten!