Thursday, October 13, 2011

From traditional design to something new: a mood board

I'm fascinated by using traditional needlework designs in a fresh, modern way. Most needlecraft books I use are from the seventies and early eighties, and style wise, that's not really my period :-).

If you want to get an idea of how to use a traditional design in your own way, making a mood board can really help. It's a way to visualize what your design might look like, and in what type of interior it might be used.

Here's one I made for the throw I'm working on right now. I'm making it for our bedroom, which I want to be warm, soft and cozy :-) I tried to play with contrast by to using different textures (apple wood, wool, linen, silk, paper) and a combination of dark and light colors.

ps: I'm a big fan of Sibella Court. This image of hers was an inspiration too. It's funny to find out how some images can stay with you for a long time and then come to mind all of a sudden...


Lizzie said...

Beautiful mood board! I love the many layers of texture. I love texture but wasn't sure how 3-D items would work on a mood board as I've mostly seen the folder versions. You make it work beautifully!

Machteld said...

Thanks :-)

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your mood board...the neutral colors and natural elements.

I need to get started on mine! :)

So nice to meet you through BYW.
All the best,
Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

Machteld said...

Thanks Mary :-)