Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pin board: Craft inspiration April 2011

Someone asked me if I didn't miss working on my blanket, after a year of crocheting. The answer is YES. I haven't decided what to do next... I'm now working on a historical smock embroidery project (I'll show you when it's finished). Now that the weather is so good, I don't really feel like knitting.. I was thinking about making a memory quilt with some of my daughter's shirts, but I've never done quilting, so that takes some research...

So that's why there are so many examples of smocking and quilting in this board :-)


Cerejeira said...

Hello!!! I always come by to check on new posts there are indeed inspirational. However I can not see you last post ...???? is there anything wrong with it or is it my computer...?

Machteld said...

Thanks :-) I wrote a post for the medieval silkwork blog, but I accidentally posted it here. I deleted it here and put it on the medieval silkwork blog: