Monday, October 11, 2010

The Columbia Book of Yarns, 1915

The Columbia Book of Yarns (1915) is a charming collection of knitted and crocheted clothes for men, women and children. The cover really speaks to me, which must be because this is one of my favorite shades of red:

I would really like to try some of the crochet patterns (my list of things I'd love to make one day is growing longer and longer...), such as this scalloped, shell- like border:

I also love this jacket. The book doesn't give directions for sizes, which makes me wonder what size this might be. I'm quite tall, so it may not fit me..

All images are taken from The Columbia Book of Yarns. You can browse and/or download this book for free here.


liset said...

Geweldig zijn dit soort boeken!!

Machteld said...

ik vind ze ook heerlijk!