Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seven centuries of lace, Maria Margaret Pollen, 1908

The past few weeks, my attention has been drawn by lace of all sorts... It started at the Brocante and Antiques Fair in Deventer, where I bought some gorgeous scraps of lace (no pictures yet, it takes time with an analog camera.... Then, Racaire wrote about the blog Italian Needlework, which is a must-read for anyone interested in historical needlework.

And now, I found this wonderful on-line book Seven centuries of Lace, by Maria Margaret Pollen (1908). You can download or browse it for free here.

The 17th century Italian towels above are really nice, and macrame is such a fun thing to do :-)


Ann Marie said...

This is perfect timing- I'm going to be taking a lace-making class soon! Thanks for the links and info, I'm already downloading the book.

Machteld said...

a lace-making class, nice!!! I'm glad you like the book too!

Lisa said...

I am thrilled with the number of 19th and early 20th century needlework books to be found on-line. I've not come across this one. Thanks for sharing.

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