Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrating summer

Nothing better than to celebrate the beginning of summer with a bowl of cherries! Especially when both the cherries and the bowl happen to be in my favorite colors :-)

The bowl was a lucky thrift store find, and a great addition to my collection of vintage enamelware. I love collecting, but I use three rules when it comes to buying enamelware:

1) it must have a golden band
2) it must be in good condition, with a nice color
3) I will not pay more than 5 euros :-)

These rules really save me from buying too much :-)


Chris said...

Geee, that's great! Again I can proof my boyfriend wrong thinking I'm the only bizarre character collecting enamelware... So maybe I'm NOT the only person owning two enameled vintage breadboxes? ;-)

I really like the bowl, though normally it's the white ware with blue rims I'm after - so no fighting between us about the same pieces. Good :o)

Greetings from sunny Hamburg, Chris.

Machteld said...

Oh breadboxes, I'd love to have one of those.. :-) The white and blue is not so common here (or much sought-after...:-)

Chris said...

So you'd be after a breadbox with a golden band somewhere? I'll keep my eyes open on german fleemarkets for you :-)

Machteld said...

Thanks :-) If I see something beautiful in white and blue, I'll let you know :-)