Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazing tutorials: blackwork, klosterstitch and refilsaum

The blogs by Laren and Racaire are some of my favourites (see links below). Their embroidery is stunning, and I really appreciate the way they share their information. This week, they both posted some very interesting tutorials. Do yourself a favour, and take a look!

Laren posted a great tutorial about blackwork embroidery, including pictures, background info and how to instructions. Take a look at her pfd here:


And her research page with other interesting handouts here

And Racaire posted her wonderful tutorials about klosterstitch and refilsaum . These have pictures, background info and instructions too.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, those two make amazing stuff! Greetings, Arda

Laren said...


To link directly to a specific post, check the bottom of the post where all the bio, date and time stuff is. At the very start of the link is a hyperlinked #. Click on that. That will take you to the page for that specific post. Then copy the URL from the location bar.

And thanks for the nice comments!!

Laren aka Jane

Racaire said...

Thanks for your kind words and here a direct link to the posting concerning the links to my handouts:
Yis Racaire

Racaire said...

...btw. and when you click at the posting time of my postings (blogspot-Blog) - that also takes you to the page to the specific post - also copy the URL from the location bar :)

Machteld said...

Thanks for the digi-help! I changed the links in this post