Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pillows and tablecloths: some beautiful reconstructions

This German group made some beautiful 14th century pillows and tablecloths:

Go to "Galerie" and then click "Lager und Einrichting"

The embroidery is beautiful, and the research documentation is interesting too!

And take a look at the rest of their items too!


rebecca said...


I came across your beautiful silk wrap on flickr and wanted to ask you if you'd share the pattern with me. I wasn't able to comment on the flickr site so I thought I would try here.

The wrap is inspiring, I want to be able to make something similar!


Machteld said...

I'll try and see if I can find the pattern! I just moved, so it could be somewhere in a box...

Machteld said...

Thanks, by the way, I'm glad it inspired you!

rebecca said...

I appreciate you looking for the pattern. If it is easier, you can email me at when you do find it.

Many Thanks!