Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bildindex: interlacing stitch examples

I found some more amazing 14th century whitework pictures in the Bildindex!

This one is so beautiful, WOW, I just keep staring at it:


The borders and the 'giant' flower in the middle are done in interlacing stitch. The free flowing flower design is wonderful and the dragons that bite each other's tail are so funny! I'm actually tempted to change my mind and try this one instead of the Feldbach tablecloth...

I love this elegant design too. The borders might be in interlacing stitch, but the picture is not so clear, so I can't really tell..


The stars in this fragment might be interlacing stitch too, but the picture is not clear enough..


My own progress in doing interlacing stitch is still slow... I can do a straight line, but I seem to get lost when I try to make lines that cross each other. I decided to try some of the designs on this site to have some more practice.

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Einarr & Sigarda said...

great research!!! greets, Arda