Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interlacing stitch, again

I'm so happy I finally managed to make some stars/crosses in interlacing stitch. From left to right, today's progress, using DMC cotton floss:

I also found out how I can make the stitches more even. Instead of drawing the small auxilary lines, I drew a dot on the main line were each interlacing stitch should be. Then, I counted the linen threads, starting from the dots. Like this:

And a picture of my "goal" to keep me going: a 14th century whitework border in interlacing stitch:

This picture is from Pesel, L. , Newberry, N. (1921), A book of old embroidery, with articles by A. F. Kendrick. London: Geoffrey Holme, “The Studio”

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Isis said...

i love to see your progress on this! makes me happy to see the pretty crosses :-)