Monday, November 27, 2006

14th century German pillow

14th century German pillow
  • silk embroidery on linen
  • embroidery: Au ver a soie spun silk
  • brick stitch/ satin stitch
  • 35 cm * 24 cm
  • original in Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin and in Victoria and Albert Museum London
  • charts are available by Joyce Miller and Wymarc

A picture and a description of the original can also be found in:
Schuette, M., Muller-Christensen, S. (1963), Das Stickereiwerk, Berlin: Tubingen


Isis said...

Hi Machteld,

I really love how the pillow turned out! Did you know there also is a fragment of a piece of embroidery with the exact same pattern in the Victoria and Albert Museum?

Machteld said...

Thanks for pointing that out to me!

Unknown said...

I liked very much his blog when I saw the embroidery.